Woven Paper Gift Topper

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The way in which the gift is packed it is equally important as the gift. Here is a simple way you can nicely decorate a gift

Step 1

Colorful sheets of paper

The more colors, the decoration will be interesting

To create this beautiful ornament for a gift, you need a couple of colored paper. The number of different colors is arbitrary. Larger number of colors will make a decoration of a gift more colorful and interesting.

Step 2

Colorful paper tapes

Tape width is 5mm

With the help of a scalpel, cut a few strips of 5mm width of colored paper. It is possible to have a number of strips of the same color.

Step 3

Crossed two yellow stripes

The essence of this decoration is to connect colored strips with a technique of weaving and interweaving stripes. At the beginning, cross two stripes at a right angle, as shown below. It does not matter whether the two strips are of the same color or not.

Step 4

Ukrštene žute i plave trake

In the second step, add another two strips parallel to the previous ones. Add one horizontal and one vertical strip. On this occasion, note that the horizontal blue strip goes above the yellow vertical strip and a vertical blue strip goes below the horizontal yellow strip.

Step 5

Crossed yellow, blue and green strips

Repeat this principle. Then add the green strip, horizontally and vertically, taking care to intertwine with the existing, as shown below.

Step 6

Crossed colorful strips

Size of decorations depends on the size the gift

Then add another strip and so on. The number of strips will depend on the size of the decoration that you plan to set up on a gift.

Step 7

Sticking a tape

When all the strips are arranged, fix them by sticking a piece of tape diagonally on the part that is intertwined. This will ensure that strips do not move when you set up a gift.

Step 8

Woven Paper Gift Topper

In the last step, set the decoration on the packet. Turn the side with the towards a gift and wrap the remaining strips around the gift and lock on the other side with a piece of tape. And that is it. Now just watch the delight on the face of the person to whom the gift is intended.

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