wooden tongue depressors harmonica

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Wooden tongue depressors harmonicais made in a few steps. In a few moments you can make this interesting buzzer. Kids will have fun both making this instrument as well as playing on it. We have found this good idea on the site naturallyteaching.com where you can find many interesting projects for children.

Step 1

Wooden tongue depressors

You can also use the sticks from the ice cream

For this project, you will need three wooden spatula, two bands and a piece of paper that by dimensions match the size of the wooden spatula.

Step 2

cut wooden tongue depressors

The next thing to do is to cut the wooden tongue depressors so that you get two wooden parts of the quadratic form. The dimensions of these parts need to fit the width of the wooden tongue depressor.

Step 3

gluing with hot glue

You can use glue for wood

Apply a bit of hot glue on a cut part…

Step 4

Gluing of wooden tongue depressors

And glue it on a wooden tongue depressor 1-2 cm from the end.

Step 5

two wooden tongue depressors

Make two such parts

Step 6

wooden tongue depressors harmonica

Between these two parts set a paper as shown in the picture.

Step 7

wooden tongue depressors harmonica

At both ends, fix the wooden tongue depressor with a rubber band

Step 8

wooden tongue depressors harmonica

And that`s it. How to use it? The child holds this harmonica to his lips and gently blows. Due to the flow of air between the wooden tongue depressors paper starts to vibrate. Due to this vibration, a pleasant buzzing sound is created.

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