We`re making a flower

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We used cardboard roll as a material for making various things. Here is another idea how to make an interesting flower from it with the help of crepe paper.

Step 1

Cardboard roll, crepe paper, green paper and glue for paper

crepe paper, green paper and a cardboard roll

For making this interesting flower you only need some small things: cardboard roll, crepe paper, green paper and paper adhesive. When we use the word paper this many times, you know that this will definitely be a paper project. So let’s begin…

Step 2

Applying glue on a cardboard roll

Cut the green paper in the form of a rectangle. The length of one side should correspond to the height of the cardboard roll, and the other side should be as long as the volume of the cardboard roll. Apply a thin layer of paper adhesive to the cardboard roll over the entire surface

Step 3

Gluing green paper on a cardboard roll

And then stick the green paper on the cardboard roll. Hold down for a few moments so the glue “catches”. And that way you made a stem of this unusual flower.

Step 4

cutting crepe paper

To make a flower itself, you need to do the following. Cut a piece of a roll of crepe paper with a width of 3 cm.

Step 5

crepe paper and aruler

And then from this roll, cut pieces of 12-15 cm in length.

Step 6

Crumpling crepe of paper

make small balls from crepe paper

Now crump that paper to get the ball

Step 7

gluing crepe paper on a cardboard roll

At the top of the cardboard roll apply a bit of glue for paper and glue the balls of crepe paper to each other. You will get a flower when you paste all these balls.

Step 8

Green paper cut in leaf shape

Every flower has leaves, and so does this one. Cut out the leaves for the flower from the remaining green paper.

Step 9

Gluing green paper in the form of leaves on a cardboard roll

With a little paper glue, attach the leaves to the stem of the flower.

Step 10

Flower of crepe paper and cardboard roll.

And that`s it!You can use colorful crepe paper and create a beautiful garden. Making these flowers can be an interesting activity of children in kindergartens.

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