We learn the addition

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The addition is the first arithmetic operation that children learn. From that, it all starts. It will be much easier for them to understand what actually addition is if they learn it through the game.  Here is a simple way how to cope with the addition.

Step 1

Toilet Paper Roll, strips and wooden sticks

You will need just a few things

The aid is extremely simple, easy to make and the production itself is interesting for children. You need 4 Toilet Paper Rolls, a few wooden sticks for foods and one strip; you can also use harder cardboard.

Step 2

Toilet Paper Rolls

Divide aToilet Paper Roll in half

Divide oneToilet Paper Roll on two equal parts.


Step 3

Toilet Paper Roll with signs of plus and equal

Draw signs or make them out of collage paper

Cut out a sign “plus” and the “equal” of colored construction paper, then glue it to the both half of Toilet Paper Roll.

Step 4

Gluing with hot glue

With the help of hot glue attach three cardboard rolls on strip, as shown in Figure

Step 5

Toilet Paper Rollsaffixed to a wooden strip

And then glue the parts with the signs plus and equally on the strip between the previous rolls.

Step 6

Painting wooden sticks with acrylic paint

Cut wooden sticks in half and the paint it with acrylic paint. To make it more interesting, paint every stick with a different color.


Step 7

Setting up sticks in cardboard containers

When the paint is dry, you are ready to learn addition throughout the game. How does this device you created work? Give the child to collect 5 + 3. The child counts 5 different colored sticks and put them into the first container.

Step 8

Setting up sticks in cardboard containers

Then, it counts the other three colored sticks and put them into another container.

Step 9

We learn the addition

Repeat with the child the task 5 + 3, pointing to containers and plus sign. The child does the addition by moving all the sticks from the first two containers to the extreme right one. When it counts the sticks in that container, it will find the solution of the task. Children easily understand that addition is reduced to recount what they already know. Later they will realize that other arithmetic operations are reduced to counting also.

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