Watch from paper plates

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When kids are six years old and to some extent become aware of time, they can start with learning to look at the watch. In the beginning, it is enough to that they learn the timing of events that are repeated, such as getting up, lunch, bedtime, etc. The whole process of learning will be much more interesting if you make a watch from paper plates.

Yellow paper and two white paper plates

To create a watch from paper plates you are required to prepare just a few things. You will need two paper plates that remained from a children’s birthday party, one fastener and a stiffer paper or thin cardboard from which you will make clock hands for a watch.

Paper plate and a divider

Let us remember school days when we learned how to divide the circle into n parts. In this case, you need to divide a circle, that is a watch into 12 equal parts. We used existing circles on a paper plate. If you do not have a circle on your plate, feel free to draw a circuit of arbitrary radius. So, open a compass as much as the length of the radius of the circle. Insert the needle of the compass at any point on the circle and with the other end of the compass cut a circle. Then in the place marked that way insert the needle of the compass and mark the next position on the circle, and so on.

White paper plate

In this way, you will divide the circle into 6 equal parts. Practically, you did a half of the job.

Paper plate and a compass

To get to other points on the circle, open the compass a little more than the length of the radius of your circle.

Paper plate and a compass

Insert the needle of a compass into previously marked points on the circle and with the other end highlight small arcs left and right of the center.

Paper plate and a compass

Then insert the needle of the compass into the marked point on the circle, which is located on the opposite side of the point from which you draw small arcs. Do the same, draw small arcs left and right of the center so that they intersect with the arcs that you have previously drawn.

Ruler and a paper plate

Now place the ruler over the intersection of arches and mark the positions on the circle that ruler intersects. You will notice that the straight line constructed through these sections simultaneously passes through the center of the circle. If it does, you have a confirmation that you are on the right track.

Paper plate and a compass

Now re-open a divider as much as the radius of the circle, insert the compass needle into the new marked spot on the circle and cut a circle on the left and the right side. Do the same with the second point on the opposite side of the circle.

Cutting a paper plate with scissors

In this way, you have marked 12 points on the circle, which divide a circle into 12 equal parts. Place a ruler so that it connects the marked point and the center of the circle and draw a line from the circle to the edge of the plate. Repeat this for all the points. Between the lines write the numbers from 1 to 12, and then finish cutting a paper plate with scissors along the marked lines, but only to a circle.

Paper plate in a form of a watch with clock hands

With the help of a fastener attach clock hands to a watch. It is interesting to make clock hands in a different color, but not mandatory. You can also cut them out of paper plates. Clock hands are of an arbitrary shape. If you are too lazy to draw them yourself, you can take ready-made. You just have to adjust the length of the plates you have.

Applaying a glue on a paper plate

You have made the watch for learning time. To make minutes, you have to do something else. Apply on another plate, inside the circle, a thin layer of glue, and then connect that circle with a watch that you have previously made. It is important that the edges of the plate are not fixed.

Writting numbers on a paper plate

At the end, write minutes by folding the edges in which you wrote hours and below (on another plate) write the corresponding minutes. This toy is ideal for learning to look at the watch. Initially, the child should learn some established routines, when he goes to kindergarten, when is lunch,  when is bedtime, etc.. You can also draw the times of these events on the watch from paper plates (draw a position of the clock hands). Educators say this is the best approach to teaching children to look at the clock.

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