Unique pendant

15/10/2017 Modeling compounds 133 Views

Clay is very good material for shaping. When using clay, children develop creativity and motoric skills.  We will show you how trough clay game you can make unique pendant that every parent will safely keep.

Step 1

Plastic foil

There are various shaping masses that you can buy. Some of them are classic clay, or they can have additives which will stop gluing and speed drying etc. Pick any of them, and protect working area with plastic foil.

Step 2

cutting clay

Don’t use the whole clay package. Cut one part that will be enough for specific project. Put back the rest of clay in previous packaging so you can stop drying.

Step 3

shaping clay

The next thing you need to do is to clear up a piece of clay that you have taken away. For that, use what is in your hand. In this case it was a tube. The thickness of the clay should not be less than 5 mm; otherwise the peg would be too stiff and easy to break.

Step 4

cutting shapes of clay

Using cake models, crop the clay in the shape of a heart. If you do not have such a model, cut out the heart, or some other form, using a kitchen knife.

Step 5

finger print in clay

Now, the best part. Inside the heart, finger prints should leave the whole family – mom, dad, children. Everyone should leave one finger print. On the middle of the heart drill small hole so you can pull through a necklace.

Step 6

unique pendant

Let the clay dry and stiff. On the back you can write the date when it was made, that is when you left the finger prints. Next, with the sandpaper you can do the edges and varnish the pendant, or you can just leave it in this condition. In any case, when children grow up, this pendant will have immeasurable value for parents.

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