Toilet roll tube snowflake craft

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With the arrival of winter, the day of decorating the tree and celebrating a New Year`s eve is approaching. Kids love to decorate the Christmas tree. Prepare for them a double pleasure. Show them how they can make their own ornaments for the tree. It is especially fun to make something out of free materials that usually goes to the recycle bin. We’ll show you how to make snowflakes of a toilet roll tube for a Christmas tree.

Step 1

two toilet roll tubes

The more roll tubes, the more snowflakes

All you need for this project are cardboard toilet roll tubes. From each roll, you can make two snowflakes.

Step 2

Flattened roll of toilet paper

At the outset, it is necessary to adapt a bit every roll. Flatten it by hand, as illustrated.

Step 3

Cropped roll of toilet paper

Three such segments are needed for a single snowflake

Now cut each roll into rings width 1.5 cm. You will need three such parts for each snowflake.

Step 4

Notched cardboard

Intersect the ends of each section into the V-shaped cutout. The cutout should be narrower than the width of the segment as it is necessary that on the ends it remains connected.

Step 5

Notched cardboard

Only at the end of one segment cut out as illustrated. In this section, you will tie the thread.

Step 6

Gluing a cardboard

Now, all that is left is to connect the parts of a snowflake with the help of hot glue.

Step 7

Painting cardboard snowflakes

We painted the snowflakes with white acrylic paint in spray, but, of course, in a child’s world snowflakes can be colorful. Take tempera at hand and to go to work!

Step 8

Tying the thread on the cardboard snowflake

When the paint dries, tie a thread on the snowflake in order to be able to hang them on the Christmas tree.

Step 9

Toilet roll tube snowflake craft

And that’s it. In a short time you can make a large number of snowflakes from a roll of toilet paper. You took advantage of free material, had good fun making snowflakes and got free ornaments for the tree.

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