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Ring toss game

21/08/2016 277 Views

Ring toss game is usually played in the open. Stick a rod in a land and throw the hoops on it. Here we present a home version of the game. All you need you can make in a few minutes.

Dinosaurus from a paper plate

10/07/2016 322 Views

While the dinosaurs became extinct very, very long time ago it does not prevent children to simply adore them. Their joy is endless when you suggest to them to make one together. Here's how you can make one fake little dinosaur in a few minutes.

The serpent from rolls of toilet paper

06/07/2016 219 Views

This is another way to take advantage of discarded cardboard rolls of toilet paper. Gather a few rolls, connect them and create a colorful snake

Airplane from a wooden clip

07/06/2016 245 Views

The airplane can be made from wooden clips. Cheer up your kids with a new pastime. See how to make this simple toy.

Toy for learning colors

06/06/2016 288 Views

Colors occupy a very important place in children's world. Here is how you can make an interesting toy with which your kid will learn to distinguish colors.