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Bracelet of wooden tongue depressors

11/06/2017 639 Views

Wooden bracelets can be an interesting detail on hand. Here's how the girls themselves can make interesting bracelets using wooden tongue depressors

Bracelet of balloons

07/06/2017 448 Views

Girls prefer unusual jewelry. Bracelet of balloons is certainly unusual and you can create it in a minute, and it can be a nice gift

Bracelet made of roll of duct tape

05/02/2017 387 Views

See how you can use a cardboard roll of duct tape and make an interesting bracelet. Children can make such a bracelet as a gift for mum for the Mother`s Day.

Bracelet of toilet paper roll

11/06/2016 586 Views

Creating bracelet from rolls of toilet paper can be very fun. Here's how to make the most of the rejected thing and to create an attractive bracelet.