Stickers from hot glue

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We have already made stickers on this site in posts Stickers with the help of a duct tape and Stickers DIY. Now we will show you how you can create a little bit different stickers. In any case, children love stickers and they will very much like them. Of course, they can take part in making them.

Step 1

Applying hot glue on a baking paper

Stickers can be of any shape

To make stickers from hot glue, you need a piece of baking paper. Hot glue does not adhere on baking paper which tolerates high temperatures; therefore it is suitable for various creative works with hot-glue. The stickers we have designed will be in the form of a circle or a button. There is no need to specifically design these stickers, put a bit of hot-glue on the baking paper and allow the drop to form a circular shape on the paper.

Step 2

stickers from hot glue on a baking paper

Cooling lasts for about ten minutes

After you have made the first sticker, slide the other drop to make the second sticker and so on. When you have filled out all the baking paper, leave the hot glue to cool down. You will accelerate the process if you put the stickers for a short time in the refrigerator.

Step 3

painting stickers

For coloring use nail polish

When the hot glue is completely cooled and hardened, it’s time to paint it. For painting stickers, we used a colorful nail polish. Stickers are painted and beautiful.

Step 4

peeling of stickers from a baking paper

After the nail polish is dried, peel off stickers from the baking paper.

Step 5

Stickers on a double-sided tape

Stickers are characterized by being self-adhesive. To achieve this you need a double-sided tape. Stick one sticker on one side…

Step 6

Cutting the stickers

…Then cut out the excess of double-sided tape around the sticker.

Step 7

gluing the stickers

All that a child needs to do is to take off the protective film from the self-adhesive tape and stick the sticker.

Step 8

stickers from hot glue

And that`s it!Children can decorate notebooks and various things with these stickers, and they can also make different shapes on the wall by putting on stickers. An additional idea may be to stick small magnets on the stickers and then they can be used on the refrigerator or some other metal surface.

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