Stickers with the help of a duct tape

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Kids love stickers. We already wrote about how you can make your own stickers in a post titled “Stickers DIY”. Unlike those, these stickers can be pasted on the furniture with the help of duct tape…

Step 1

drawings on the paper

Print or draw something


To begin, select what kind of stickers you want to create. We chose several popular cartoon characters. These characters are printed in the form of coloring books. We have reduced them to a size of 3 cm and printed them on white paper. Of course, you can also draw something yourself. In this case, the stickers will be unique.


Step 2

colored pencils on the paper

Next comes the coloring. For this occasion we used crayons.

Step 3

coloring with wooden pencils

remind of the childhood and coloring


Pencils must be well sharpened considering that the details on the sticker are very small.

Step 4

cutting paper with small scissors

After coloring, it is necessary to cut characters. For this occasion, small shears with sharp tip are preferred. For this part, patience is required but you will see that it is worthwhile when you see the delight and joy of your children.

Step 5

various forms made of paper

After a long shredding and testing of eye diopter, material for sticker should look like this.

Step 6

Pastingduct tape on the paper

To create stickers with the help of duct tape you need to obtain wax paper. Wax paper is the paper on which are affixed a variety of labels. You can buy or make it from some other labels. On the smooth side of wax paper stick the wide stripe of a duct tape.

Step 7

sticking duct tape on the paper

for the stickers intended for stickingon the glass, turn the detail upside down


Now, arrange cartoon characters that you previously cut so that the front side is facing you. If you want to make stickers that stick to the glass, turn the image so that it is opposite from you, as shown below.

Step 8

sticking duct tape on the paper

After that, over everything glue another strip of tape so that the paper cartoon characters are sandwiched between two strips of tape.

Step 9


Cut each sticker separately, as in Fig.

Step 10

disbonding of stickers

And that’s it. All a child has to do is to peel off wax paper from a sticker and release the sticky side of the sticker and the fun begins.

Step 11

stickers with the help of a duct tape

When you see plastered stickers all over the place you cannot be angry at the child 🙂


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