Stickers DIY

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Stickers are great fun for children, they just love them. Entertainment will be twice better if they make their own stickers. Here’s how to make a bunch of stickers from the material you have at home.

gelatin, a small brush and a yellow paper

Gelatin may be in the form of powder or tiles

To launch your own production of stickers, you must obtain a few things. In the first place, you must have a gelatin, a product that is in the form of a powder or translucent tiles. Next, you will need the paper, it is best that it be a little thicker, a brush and a paper punch.

cutting a table of gelatin

It is important that the water is warm

Add gelatin in warm water (about 4 tablespoons). If you are using gelatin in the tiles, then it is necessary to cut it into smaller pieces and soak it in water. Mix it until the gelatin is completely melted. Given that these stickers will be glued as stamps add a little sugar or flavorings for cakes so the adhesive will taste good when kids lick the sticker.

Applying the glue on paper

When you get a completely homogeneous solution apply it on the paper from which you plan to make stickers with the help of a brush. To prevent deformation of the paper due to the irrigation of water is desirable to use thicker paper. After applying the adhesive to the paper, leave it overnight to dry. After drying, the paper will not be glued. The adhesive is activated by adding water or when you lick a sticker it becomes sticky.

Drilling of paper

When the glue dries, you can start cropping sticker. In this case, we used a punch for a paper that cuts paper in the form of ribbons. These drillers have various shapes. Of course, you can also print stickers. Printing of stickers that you downloaded from the internet or made yourself provide an incredible number of options.

A lot of stickers in the shape of bows

In this way, you can create large amounts of stickers. You can play with shapes and colors and various designs which can be printed. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Gluing stickers

And that’s it. All you have to do is lick a sticker and affix it to the desired location. The children will simply adore these stickers. Participate in their making and later in gluing. When packing a birthday present, you will no longer have to think about the pattern of decorative paper.

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