Sprouting of a plant

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The experiment with the sprouting of a plant will be very interesting and instructive for children. Some kids will see for the first time how the plant is produced from the seed, how it grows, what it needs to grow and the like.

Step 1

Four beans

For this experiment, you can use the seeds of any plant. We chose the beans. Soak the beans in water for several hours, and it will activate the process in the grain, which leads to the sprouting.

Step 2

rolling a napkin

Next you need to create a place where the plant will germinate. Roll the napkin, as shown…

Step 3

putting the napkin in the glass jar

And put it in a smaller glass jar. You can use other materials that are soft and absorb water, such as a cotton ball or something similar

Step 4

bean soaked in water

When the surface of the beans wrinkles, grain is ready for our experiment. Shell of beans is weakened and it is easier for the germ to break it.

Step 5

putting beans in jar

Use a pencil to set up a bean between the side of the jar and the napkin, in the middle of the height of the jar.

Step 6

pouring water in a napkin

Pour the water to a level of 2 cm from the bottom of the jar. During germination, the water will evaporate therefore you should add water to maintain this level. The water will travel up to the top of the paper and keep it moist, which are ideal conditions for germination. Put the jar in a warm and bright location (not directly on the sun) and watch the plant germinate.

Step 7

sprouting of a plant

1st day

Already at the end of the first day, a germ will appear in the middle of beans.

Step 8

sprouting of a plant

2nd day

The second day the germ will rise almost to the bottom of the jar or touched the water level. It is surprising how the plant grows quickly, isn’t it?

Step 9

sprouting of a plant

3rd day

On the third day, a small root is formed on a germ and horizontally along the sprout emerge veins of the root.

Step 10

sprouting of a plant

4th day

On the fourth day, germ begins to wriggle up and the root branches even more

Step 11

sprouting of a plant

5th day

On the fifth day, the plant frees from the membrane of beans

Step 12

sprouting of a plant

6th day

On the sixth day from the skin of bean, a stem with two leaves is completely liberated and upright. This phase of growth is very dynamic. Within 24 hours, the size of the plant has increased manifold. It is important to note that the plant all the time uses nutrients from beans we planted. These stocks will take a few more days and will initiate an even greater plant growth. After that, if the plant does not find the nutrients from the soil, it will wither. For the children to follow the growth of plants, transplant it into a plastic cup or pot. Children will save the plant, maintained it, watered it and monitor how the plant develops and grows. Young children will be happy to take care of plants, and these are the first lessons about responsibility.

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