Spinning top from a CD

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Spinning tops cheered up the children for generations. To make this ancient toy, you can use some modern items such as CD and a marble.

Step 1

CD, plastic cap and a marble

To make this simple toy for kids collect several basic trifles: a CD, a marble and a plastic cap.


Step 2

Drawing lines with marker pen on CD

Use a marker to write on CD

Each spinning top is recognized by the cheerful patterns and colors, so should this one. You can decorate a CD in any way you want it. You can paint it, write something colorful on it, and affix some stickers and the like. We decided to paint it. First, split the CD with a marker pen into several parts, as shown below.

Step 3

Painting of a CD

Then, we will paint each of these parts with different colors. For coloring a drive we used acrylic paint. These colors are stable, dry quickly, have no odor and as such are ideal for painting toys.

Step 4

Application of hot glue on a CD

Apply adhesive to both sides of the CD in order to fasten the marble.

After you decorate a CD nicely, you should start making spinning tops. Place a marble at the hole in the center of the compact disc. The marble is a bit larger in diameter than the hole in the CD so it cannot pass through it. While firmly holding a marble in place, fix it with a hot glue.

Step 5

Application of hot glue on a plastic cap

Then apply hot glue along the edges of the plastic cap and …

Step 6

Gluing a plastic cap on a CD

Stick the plastic cap on the CD center so that it covers the marble. Hold the cap in this position for a few moments until hot glue is cooled.

Step 7

Spinning top from a CD

And in five minutes you have made a modern spinning top. All that is left is that a child, holding a plastic cap with fingers, rotates the spinning top and the fun can begin.

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