Spider of a wild chestnut

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Usually in autumn in the park you can find the fruits of wild chestnuts. Wild chestnuts can be used for making different toys for children. Pick up a few chestnuts and get ready, now we are making spiders of chestnut.

Step 1

Chestnut and toothpicks

You will need only two things to make this unusual spider. You will need one wild chestnut and a few wooden toothpicks.

Step 2

Drilling of a chestnut

Spider of toothpicks is made extremely easily and quickly in a few steps. First, drill three holes on the sides of a chestnut.

Step 3

Sticking toothpicks in a chestnut

Then, stick wooden toothpicks in drilled holes.

Step 4

Break toothpicks

We know that spiders have the joints on their legs. To make these joints break wooden toothpick halfway down the length. Toothpicks should be partially broken. Make sure the toothpick does not separate in two. If this occurs, remove the broken toothpick and insert the second one, and then try to break it a bit.

Step 5

Drawing on a chestnut

At the end, draw a happy face of a spider on a chestnut and that’s it.

Step 6

spider of a wild chestnut

Children are often afraid of spiders. This goes for many adults too. Children will most easily conquer this unreasonable fear by interfering with their fear. Creating spider of a chestnut is one way of overcoming fear. While you are making a spider of a chestnut with your kids, tell them why the spiders are useful and important and that they are part of nature around us.

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