Snowman of Styrofoam

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To make a snowman you do not have to wait until winter and snow. You do not have to worry that your hands willfreeze. You need a few pieces of Styrofoam, imagination and a little time. Kids will have fun making a snowman in the living room.

Step 1


You do not need snow for this snowman. All you need is a few pieces of Styrofoam packaging. Choose a thinner Styrofoam. The one we used was 1cm thick.

Step 2

Drawing a circle on Styrofoam

You can also draw a circle with a divider

Snowman is usually made from three large snowballs. Draw a circle on a Styrofoam. Use dividers or some other circular object.

Step 3

Cutting a circle of Styrofoam

Then, cut a circle of Styrofoam with the help of a scalpel.

Step 4

Sandingof Styrofoam

Sandpaper (grit of 120 or less)

After cutting at the place of the incision, Styrofoam crumbles. You will prevent this if you sand cut edges. Use sandpaper grit of up to 120th.

Step 5

Drawing a circle on Styrofoam

Make another slightly smaller circle of Styrofoam

Step 6

Drawing a circle on Styrofoam

And then another one, even smaller

Step 7

painting a Styrofoamwith acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is best for painting a Styrofoam

Finally, cut a piece of Styrofoamof rectangular shapefor the cap and paint it with the red acrylic paint.

Step 8

glue application on Styrofoam

Be careful what glue you use

Next in line is to connect a snowman. On each piece of Styrofoam apply a thin layer of glue. Pay attention to the type of glue. Most of the adhesives melt Styrofoam and it is impossible to glue Styrofoam with them. We used simple wood glue.

Step 9

Gluingof Styrofoam to cardboard

Glue all parts on the cardboard. As with a real snowman, glue the biggest circle first, then the smaller one, then the smallest and eventually a cap.

Step 10

Drawing on Styrofoam

Each snowman has black buttons. Draw them with a black marker.

Step 11

Drawing on Styrofoam

And red nose in the shape ofa carrot


Step 12

Snowman of Styrofoam

And summer snowman is complete.

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