Snowman of chestnuts

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We have shown in the project Snowman in the middle of the summer that a snowman can be made even if there is no winter. Another way to make a little home snowman in the autumn is to use a few wild chestnuts. Take a look how.

Step 1

chestnuts and toothpicks

Choose chestnuts that are a bit flattened

When walking in the park pick a few wild chestnuts. In addition to wooden toothpicks, that’s all you need to make a snowman of chestnuts.

Step 2

drilling a chestnut

Use an electric drill for drilling

At one chestnut, drill a hole through the entire chestnut. For others, drill holes only to the middle of the chestnut. The holes should be in the center of chestnut. For this snowman, select three chestnuts that are not round, but a bit flat.

Step 3

stringing chestnuts on a toothpick

Chestnuts can be fasten with glue for wood

Now thread the chestnuts on a wooden toothpickas as shown. If you drill a hole of the same diameter and thickness as a toothpick, chestnuts will stand firm on toothpicks. If you suspect they will fall off, apply a glue on a toothpick and then put a chestnut on it. In this case, wait for a half an hour because of the glue before proceeding with the work.

Step 4


Snowman is almost over. You just need to create his eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons, of course. This is done by drilling shallow holes (about 2 mm) at certain places in which you will push the pieces of toothpicks of the same length.

Step 5

snowman of chestnuts

Autumnal snowman of chestnuts is finished.

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