Snowman of a clothespin

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To decorate the New Year’s Christmas tree we choose decorations that are related to the winter. Nothing represents winter and winter joy better than a snowman. ¬†Here’s how you can make decorations for a tree in the shape of snowman from an ordinary clothespin.

Step 1

fountain rubbers

The first thing we’ll do for a snowman is a hat. Rely on your imagination and find some material from which you can make a small hat for a snowman. We found inspiration in the fountain rubbers.

Step 2

small rubber hat

With the rubber adhesive, we put together one broad and two narrower rubbers and we got the appropriate hat. Because rubbers are black-colored there is no need to paint a hat.

Step 3

Disassembling the clothespin

Now it’s time for the body of the snowman. You can use a wooden clothespin for the body of this unusual snowman. Rotate the clips and divide the clothespin into two parts. You do not need a spring, leave it for another project.

Step 4

applying glue for wood on a clothespin

On the flat part of the clip, apply a thin layer of glue for wood across the entire width.

Step 5

gluing a clothespin

Put a toothpick in which you cut off sharp edges in the canal. It will be snowman arms.

Step 6

gluing a clothespin

Before folding everything with the other lamella from the clothespin, place the thread on which the snowman’s decoration will hang. Tighten the two lamellas firmly until the glue is dried.

Step 7

painting a clothespin

After the glue is hardened it’s time to paint. Paint the snowman with white acrylic paint.

Step 8

Gluing a clothespin with hot glue

When the paint is dried, apply a bit of hot glue to the top of the clothespin

Step 9

snowman of a clothespin

Push the rope through the rubber hat and fix the hat on the head of the snowman. The fumes have a hole in the middle so that the hat has a suitable hole for pulling the thread. If your hat does not have a hole, make it with a needle.

Step 10

Drawing buttons on a snowman of a clothespin

In the end, you only need to draw the eyes, mouth and buttons with a black marker; and, naturally, a nose with a red marker.

Step 11

Snowman of a clothespin

Every snowman lives in the cold and needs a scarf. Make a scarf by wrapping a thread of red wool around the neck of the snowman. And that`s it! In a few minutes, you made an unusual decoration for a New Year’s Christmas tree. Celebration can begin!

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