Snowman in the middle of the summer

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What child could resist a snowman? One of the favorite winter activities is making a snowman. There is not a child that has not welcomed the snow and making a snowman. The problem is that you have to wait until winter and snow for that operation, but no more! Here’s how to make a real snowman in the home.

Shaving cream and cornstarch

All you need are two boxes of cornstarch of the total weight of 300g and a standard pack of shaving cream. In addition, prepare a plastic tray, baking pan or something similar to mix the mass in it that you will form after. Children should be given space to make the snowman exactly as they want.

Mixing a shaving cream and cornstarch

Leave little hands to mix the two components. This mass for forming a snowman is mixed from 300gr of cornstarch and one bottle of shaving cream. By the way, the cornstarch is a mixture of corn and potato starch powder and is used in making cakes and desserts, as well as a supplement to other dishes.

kneading of the dough

The proposal is not to mix the entire quantity. Open one box of cornstarch (150g) and add a certain amount of foam. Mix well and, if necessary, add more foam and cornstarch. If the mixture is falling apart, foam is required, and if a mixture is sticky you have gone too far with foam, and you need to add more cornstarch.

White ball of dough

What is unusual about the mixture is its weight. In the classical dough,  there is a significant amount of water, which gives a weight to the dough. In this case, there is no water, so a foam is extremely lightweight. The mass is soft, easily shaped,  extremely pleasing to the hand and has a slightly rubbery structure. Since the foam is quite sticky when mixed with the cornstarch, the whole mixture is pretty compact. The picture shows the amount of the composition that is obtained from one pack of cornstarch (150g).


No need to explain how to make a snowman. The most important ingredient of this building enterprise is child’s imagination. We have made three snowballs, each smaller than the last, and lined them up against each other. For a cap, we used a thimble and for eyes and buttons, we used pepper. We made hands and nose from sticks for food. Red pen assured his nose is red. And in the end, so the snowman would not freeze, we made him a scarf. For this purpose, we used a bit thicker red thread. And that is it!

The creation of the white mass

By the way, the mass is very interesting and enjoyable for kneading and we were entertaining with it a bit more. We tried to shape it in different ways.

Plastic castle

We tried to fill the plastic figures for building sandcastles. However, it is not possible to make these shapes with this mass. It really adheres to the plastic and it is impossible to remove it from the mold nicely.

press Play-Doh

But to our surprise, the mixture is a very good replacement for the original mass for Play-Doh toys. We tried to eject various forms with their press and it went great.

Leaving handprints in a dough

We had fun with this mass for about two hours. At the end, we left handprints of small diligent hands.

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