Snowflake from tongue depressors

31/12/2017 Acrylic paint , Wood 15 Views

Tongue depressors are made of wood and are suitable for making various craft projects. See how you can make a snowflakeout of them for a New Year’s tree in a simple way.

Step 1

Tongue depressors

For each snowflake you will need 4 tongue depressors

For each snowflake you will need 4 tongue depressors

Step 2

applying hot glue on tongue depressors

Apply a drop of hot glue to the center of the tongue depressor

Step 3

Gluing of two tongue depressors

And then stick other tongue depressors at the right angle to form a plus sign.

Step 4

gluing tongue depressors

Make two such “pluses” and, with the help of hot glue, connect them to form the snowflake, as in the picture.

Step 5

snowflake from tongue depressors

When the glue is cooled and the joint is fixed, use a drill to pierce a hole on one arm.

Step 6

painting a snowflake from tongue depressors

Painting is now on the line. We used a white acrylic spray paint to get a white snowflake. In order for the snowflake to be colored, you can paint each leg in a different color, and so on.

Step 7

star from tongue depressors

In the end, it remains to pass a string through the hole and hang on the snowflake on a Christmas tree.

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