Snowflake of hot glue

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Winter is characterized by snowflakes. See how easy, with the help of hot-glue, you can create snowflakes which you can use to decorate a Christmas tree for New Year’s holidays.

Step 1

Paper for drawing a snowflake

For this project, you need a piece of paper that is used for baking. Baking paper is made to withstand high temperatures, but at the same time, it has a feature that it is not sticky, which is ideal for drawing with hot glue. If you have a gift for drawing, that’s all you need if you do not find a print on the internet as in the picture.

Step 2

Drawing on a baking paper with hot glue

Cover the drawing with baking paper. The baking paper is transparent and the snowflakes are perfectly visible. Make the lines following the contours of the snowflake.

Step 3

Snowflake of hot glue on a baking paper

After you draw a snowflake with hot glue, let the glue cools completely. You will accelerate the process if you put the snowflake briefly in the fridge.

Step 4

decollation of a hot glue snowflake from a paper

After hot-glue in the shape of the snowflake is completely hardened, peel it off the paper. You will notice that the baking paper can easily be peeled off the snowflake.

Step 5

Coloring snowflakes of hot glue with white acrylic paint

In the end, it only remains to paint the snowflake with acrylic paint. We painted snowflakes in white, but, of course, your snowflakes can be colorful. Also, you can cover the snowflake with glue and sprinkle the jewels on it…

Step 6

Snowflake of hot glue

And that`s it!You can put this snowflake on a Christmas tree or stick it on the window glass. The snowflake is decorative and can serve as fine decoration. If you are doing this project in the presence of children, pay special attention to hot-glue.

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