Snowflake of a cotton swab

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Time for decorating a home for the New Year holidays is the feast for children. They will rejoice even more if you they are making the ornaments. Here’s how you can make snowflakes with the help of swabs that you can stick to the window.

Step 1

Cotton swabs and duct tape

This is one of the crafts that are very fast and easy to make. To make a snowflake from a cotton swab you will, of course, need cotton sticks. Besides that, you will need a duct tape. And that’s all.

Step 2

cutting cotton swabs

Cut the end with cotton-tipped

Step 3

cutting cotton swabs

Cut the next two sticks in half. In this way, you will get four long and four short sticks.

Step 4

pasting a duct tape

On the surface, place a piece of sticky tape so that the sticky side is facing you. Thus, the tape should not be glued to the surface.

Step 5


Now glue four larger sticks in the form of a plus on a sticky side.

Step 6

snowflake of a cotton swabs

And then among all the larger cotton swabs glue a smaller one. All cotton swabs are touching in the center, as shown below. And that`s it. Now glue this snowflake, with the help of a tape in the center, sealing it on the window glass. Given the speed and ease of making these snowflakes, you can make a big number of it in a short time and decorate all the windows.

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