Snake from plastic caps

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A snake from plastic caps? What is that? What kind a snake is that??? Do not worry, it is a good snake that likes to play with kids. Here is how to make one.

Plastic caps from bottles of Coca Cola, thread

This is an easy and very interesting project. To create a snake out of bottle caps you will, of course, need plastic caps in large numbers. The more caps, the larger and snakes. In this case, we used about 20 plastic caps. Besides that, you will need one rope, but you can also use a rubber band. In this case, the snake will be able to stretch, which is more interesting. At the end, you will need one yellow box from Kinder egg.

drilling of a plastic cap

Once you have collected everything you need,  you can get on to the business. At the beginning, drill each of the plastic caps. The hole should have a diameter of rope being used. For the occasion, you can use a drill, as in this case, but an awl or ordinary sewing needle will serve too.

Drilling a Kinder agg

Next, split the yellow kinder egg into two parts and drill each part in the middle. The first yellow box in the kinder eggs was comprised of two separate parts. After that, the manufacturer has started making boxes whose two parts are connected. If you have a case like this cut a yellow box and separate the two halves of an egg.

Plastic caps strung on a thread/rope

The only thing that remains is to ‘strung’ the snake. First, place one half of the kinder egg, then thread all the caps. It is even more interesting if you have caps of different colors, then the serpent looks much more attractive. Finally, put the other half of the kinder egg.

Knot on a rope

At the ends of the snakes, tie one knot as the snake would not decompose. Cut off the excess rope, as shown in the picture.

Drawing on the kinder egg

And of course such a terrible snake must have a scary face 🙂 And that’s it! You’ve done a good job. On the one hand, you use discarded plastic cups, and on the other kids love this stuff.

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