Snail of a wild chestnut

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The youngest can make this toy. It is very easy and fun. Here’s how to create a snail of a wild chestnut. In the fall, you can go the park to accumulate wild chestnut, in addition you need some mass for shapings, such as plasticine or the like. It is enough to make a snail of a chestnut. Here’s how.

Step 1

Plasticine and a wild chestnut

Insted of plasticine, you can use any other mass for shapings

To create a snail of chestnuts, you need only a wild chestnut and plasticine. Instead of plasticine, you can use any other mass for formation.

Step 2

Shaping plasticine with hands

You can pick any color you like for the body of a snail

Shape a piece of plasticine with hands in the form of a worm, then flatten the entire length, as shown below. This will be the body and you should customize the size of chestnuts to it, roughly the length of about 5cm.

Step 3

Setting a chestnut on a plasticine

On a formated body, glue a „house“, that is a wild chestnut. Bend the plasticine around the chestnut in the shape of a letter L“. Now it looks like a real snail.

Step 4

Draw a face on a plasticine with a toothpick

What you still need to do at the end is to shape a head of a this animal. The easiest way to do this is with the help of wooden toothpicks. Eyes on top of the antenna, the mouth with a smile …. this part requires a little creativity 🙂

Step 5

Snail of plasticine

And that’s it; you made the snail in minutes. The proposal is to collect more chestnuts because children will want to do more of these interesting animals.

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