Safety tips

Accidents happen. Abiding by the rules, you can greatly reduce the risk of accident or injury.

  • The first advice would be not to rush. Carefully plan the work that you intend to do, take the time for a project that you want to work on.
  • Keep in mind that this is just a hobby so do not do it when you’re nervous, frustrated or distraction. This is a bad start.
  • The most powerful tool that you have in your workshop is your brain, use it. Think about every step you take and do not underestimate how dangerous or risky the project is.
  • The old adage says “measure three times, cut once.” Keep in mind this that will save you a lot of hours of unnecessary work.
  • Never leave a child unattended in the course of activities that require the use of potentially hazardous materials.
  • If you use the tools and machines, be sure to use them according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Always use protective equipment, it will probably spare you from major injuries.
  • When using a knife, always cut “from yourself.”
  • Do not wear loose clothing, neckties, rings, bracelets and other jewelry when using tools with moving parts.
  • Always keep a first aid kit in a workshop.