Rattle of a cardboard roll

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When you mention the rattle, the first association is babies. However, the rattle can be interesting to older children as a musical instrument.Children instinctively respond to music whether they are two years old or older. By making this instrument, children develop creativity and later the feeling for rhythm.

Step 1

Drawing circle on a cardboard roll

You need rolls of toilet paper or napkins

What is needed to make a rattle? You need one cardboard roll from toilet paper or napkins and something to close the ends. We put the roll on the cardboard and drew two circles of the diameter of the cardboard roll. Then, with the help of scissors, we cut off the two circles.

Step 2

Gluing the cardboard circuit at the opening of the roll

On the edge of the opening, on one side of the roll, apply paper glue, and then paste one of the two cut cardboard circles. That way you will close one side of the rattle.

Step 3

Rice in the hand

The filling that produces the sound can be beans, coffee beans, corn, pasta, small buttons…

To make a rattle produce a characteristic sound, put some grains or something in the roll. We used rice for this occasion.

Step 4

Closing the ends of the roll with cardboard circles

Then close the other end of the roll with the cardboard circuit in the same way as on the opposite side.

Step 5

Gluing colored tape on cardboard roll

You can paint the roll with wooden colors, pens, tempera; decorate it with jewels or crepe paper

Finally, you will decorate the rattle. Always leave this part to children because even those smallest children can color and decorate. How much will children enjoy in decorating depends on their age, it is up to you to make an effort that they participate as much as possible. If you find it difficult to them or they lose concentration and are bored, help them. They will be quick to regain their interest when they see progress. We adorned the rattle with self-adhesive multi-colored tapes.

Step 6

Rattle of a cardboard roll

And that`s it! Everything else is a game. With older children, you can play the game with two identical sounds. Make lots of rattles. Two are filled with the same material. Children will shake all the rattles and try, by sound, to recognize which two are stuffed with the same material. Listen to their favorite music with younger ones and try to keep up with the rhythm of the music.

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