January 2017

Jan 15 08:00

Spinning top from a CD

Spinning tops cheered up the children for generations. To make this ancient toy you can use some modern items such as CD and marble. Take a look how you can make this simple toy.

Jan 8 08:00

Pallete of a CD

Children adore drawing and coloring. Every artist has to have a painting palette, including little artists. If you do not have one at hand, do not worry. You can make it in a few moments. Children will be delighted

Jan 1 08:00

Snowflake of a cotton swab

Time for decorating a home for the New Year holidays is the feast for children. They will rejoice even more if you they are making the ornaments. Here's how you can make snowflakes with the help of swabs that you can stick to the window.

December 2016

Dec 25 08:00

Toilet roll tube snowflake craft

With the arrival of winter, the day of decorating the tree and celebrating a New Year`s eve is approaching. Kids love to decorate the Christmas tree. We'll show you how to make "snowflakes" of a toilet roll tube for a Christmas tree.

Dec 18 08:00

Paper snowflake ornament

To decorate the Christmas tree, you can buy a variety of ornaments. However, Christmas tree would be best-decorated if children alone enhance it. Here's how to create a simple but very nice decoration – paper snowflake ornament.

Dec 14 08:00

Snowman of chestnuts

Chestnuts are popular fruits that children love to collect. Here's how you can create a small home snowman from them.

Dec 11 08:00

New Year’s Eve Balls

Children are looking forward to decorating the New Year`s tree. Double satisfaction is when they are making ornaments themselves. New Year's Eve balls can be made easily from recycled materials.

Dec 4 08:00

Christmas tree ornaments from salt dough

The salty dough is great for shaping and you can make interesting things out of it. See how you can make New Year's ornaments for a Christmas tree of a dough.

November 2016

Nov 27 08:00

Hyacinth of crepe paper

To enjoy the appearance of hyacinth, you do not have to wait for the spring. Your kids can make hyacinths of crepe paper in which you can enjoy throughout the year.

Nov 20 08:00

Castanets of caps

You can make small castanets in a minute of materials that are around you. Look how.