March 2017

Mar 22 07:00

Origami bookmark

Before children begin to read books they have to have a bookmarker so they would know where they paused. Here's how they can make a bookmark from a paper origami.

Mar 19 07:00

Learning numbers with ladybugs

Teach children the numbers with a game with the help of happy ladybugs. Be sure to call the children to participate in their making, and then together with ladybugs learn numbers.

Mar 15 07:00

Flower of paper tapes

With the help of colorful paper tapes you can easily make an interesting decoration in the shape of a flower. Decorate the walls with these flowers, and every celebration will

Mar 12 07:00

Clown of the paper plate

What is the best way to spend an afternoon with the kids? Of course, in creative work and entertainment!Pick up a few things that you can find in the house and make the face of a cheerful clown. Kids will have a lot of fun making a clown, and a delight, in the end, will not be missing.

Mar 8 07:00

Spin drums

Preparing for a birthday party can be as fun as the celebration itself. In addition to the decorations, cake and blowing candles, you can also strike up! Here's how to create spin drums easily and simply.

Mar 5 07:00

Owls from the Toilet Paper Roll

Children can easily make cheerful owls from the Toilet Paper Rolls. With the fun and games, they will make interesting toys.

Mar 1 07:00

Simple paper box

Boxes made of paper are fun and useful. You can put gifts in them and you can use them to store some little things. Here's one of the ways how to make a simple paper box.

February 2017

Feb 26 08:00

Make pom pom from Cassette Tapes

Cassettes are not being used for many years. Once, they were very popular and you certainly have one or two cassetes somewhere deep in your closet.Here we give you an idea of how to give them a new life by making Pom Pom from tapes.

Feb 22 07:00

We learn the addition

The addition is the first arithmetic operation that children learn. From that it all starts.It will be much easier for them to understand what actually addition is if they learn it through the game.Here is a simple way how to cope withthe addition.

Feb 19 08:00

cardboard tube space rocket

Cardboard rolls are interesting material for making interesting toys. We'll show you how to transform a cardboard roll into the space rocket