Paper windmill

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When a windy weather comes, it’s the time to make paper windmills. In a few minutes, you’ll create a windmill of paper that will entertain children and show them what is the power of the wind. Maybe your child will be a scientist when he grows up that will use the power of the wind. It is said that the great scientist Nikola Tesla played with a cat, when he was a kid, and thereby electrified her hair. This effect fascinated him so much that he dedicated his whole life to the study of this phenomenon and that way found a lot of incredible inventions.

Colorful paper, pins, straw

You can use plain paper that you will paint later

For making this project, you will need a minimum of material. All you need is paper, it can be plain paper or colored paper collage, as in this case. You can later paint the plain white paper later the way you want. Then, you will need one pin, a plastic straw, and some rubber. It can be a piece of eraser or, as in our case, the old rubber from the tap.

White square paper

Cut the paper into the shape of a square with sides 12×12 cm. Of course, if you want a bigger windmill, cut a larger piece of paper. Draw lines connecting the corners of the square. In this way, you will draw a diagonal of the square and the center of the square is in their cross-section. Now, from the center along the diagonals measure 2 cm and mark these points on the diagonals.

Cutting white paper with scissors

Use the “serrated” scissors to get an unusual windmill

The time has come for cutting. We used the “serrated” scissors to make a windmill look cheerful, but, of course, ordinary shears are quite OK. So finish cutting paper along the previously drawn diagonals, but not completely, just to the points that you marked on the diagonals. Thus, the cut would be completed at 2cm from the center of the square.

Curled paper corners in the form of a windmill

Now fold the corners toward the center of the square and drill all together with a pin. You have already made a windmill of paper, just a little adjustment and that’s it.

A pin stuck in a plastic straw

Now you have a windmill, but it’s not easy to use, she needs a “handle”. For this, we used a plastic straw, but any wooden stick will do the job. So, stuck a pin near the end of the plastic straw.

Cutting the pin

Secure the top of the pin so the child would not be punctured

Usually, a pin will be longer than you need. You can bend it or better you can shorten it. In this way, you will also remove the sharp point at which a child can be pricked.


Paper watermill

Instead of a straw use a wooden pencil with eraser on top

Finally, you will need some rubber that would strengthen the whole structure but also protect the child from a sharp pin. For this occasion, we used a regular rubber from the faucet. Instead of all this can use a pencil with an eraser on top. Then you just need to stick a pin in a rubber at the top of the pen and that’s it.

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