Paper snowflake ornament

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To decorate the Christmas tree, you can buy a variety of ornaments. However, Christmas tree would be best-decorated if children alone enhance it. Here’s how to create a simple but very nice decoration – paper snowflake ornament.

Step 1

Color papers

To make all these interesting snowflakes, you need the paper. If you want colorful snowflakes, use a colorful paper. If you have colored paper, then you can use the infinite combinations and the same snowflake will look different.

Step 2

The strips of colored paper

For starters, for each snowflake, you need to cut 12 strips dimensions 1×20 cm. The dimensions of strips are variable. For smaller snowflakes, you will cut small strips and vice versa.

Step 3

Three yellow paper strips

To create this snowflakes, we will use the principle of weaving. At the beginning, prepare basis by putting three parallel strips at a distance of 1cm. For the strips to be fixed during work seal one of their ends with the tape, as shown below.

Step 4

Three yellow paper strips

Mark the center of the strip and mark the positions on the left and right of the center at a distance of 2cm. The idea is that the transverse strips, which you will later set up in these places, are each spaced 1 cm, as well as vertical stripes.

Step 5

Paper gluing

Apply some paper glue on the first upper mark of both left and right strip.

Step 6

Interwoven paper strips

Then add a horizontal strip to a place where you applied the glue. Horizontal strip goes under the middle and over the left and the right strip.

Step 7

Gluing a paper

Now lift the middle strip, as shown, and on the crossing apply some paper glue on the horizontal strip. In this way, you connected the horizontal strip with all three vertical strips. Paper glue bonds very quickly and you can continue instantly. If you feel that the adhesive is not yet sufficiently established, you can secure the compounds with a paper clip.

Step 8

Interwoven paper strips

Repeat this procedure for the remaining two transversal strips. Use the principle of weaving and rack up horizontal strips alternately, as shown below.

Step 9

Gluing two paper strips

When you have finished, the next thing to do is to connect the two stripes that are located in the corners, as shown below.

Step 10

Interwoven paper strips

Do the same with all strips in all four corners.

Step 11

Interwoven paper strips

You need to make two of these parts.

Step 12

Interwoven paper strips

Place one part over the other, but so as to be rotated by 45 degrees with respect to the other one. It is necessary that the loop of the one is  located opposite to the strip of another.

Step 13

Gluing paper strips

Pass the strips of one part through the loops of another and attach them with paper glue. You will notice that strips are a bit longer compared to loops. Do not shorten them before gluing.

Step 14

cutting paper with scissors

Once you have pasted all the strips and loops, you can now trim the excess of the strips.

Step 15

Tying a knot on the thread

Paper snowflake ornament is practically finished. It remains that at one end you drill a hole and pass a thread through it. Tie the ends of the thread, with which you can hang the snowflake on the tree.

Step 16

paper snowflake ornament

Using colored paper, you can make different snowflakes. Play with colors, combine strips of different colors, make parts in different colors or entire snowflakes of the same color. Play with the kids and be imaginative.

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