Paper Heart Chain

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Paper Heart Chain is a simple and very beautiful decoration for celebrations you can make with the help of scissors, stapler, and paper. It doesn`t take long to make one so in a short time you can make a long chain of hearts. Take a look.

yellow paper and a staple

To start the project you need a stapler and paper. The design of paper is arbitrary. You can use plain white paper, newspaper, colored paper, a collage of blocks or paper painted with a technique of painting with marbles. In this case, we used a harder yellow A4 paper (100 g).

Yellow paper cut into strips

The longer the strips, the hearts of the chain will be larger

For cutting the paper you can use scissors or a scalpel. Cut strips of the paper width of about 2 cm. The length is arbitrary. The longer the strips that will represent links in a chain, the bigger the hearts will be. We cut A4 paper in width. The dimensions of the strips are 2×21 cm.

yellow strips folded in half

Fold the strips in half.

The next step is folding strips of paper. Fold each paper strip in half.

stapling strips of yellow paper

Now you are ready to start making a chain of hearts. Take one folded strip and staple the clip at about half cm from the edge of the folded strip, as shown in the Figure.

folding strips of yellow paper in the form of heart

Then fold the free ends of the strips so that they joint on the opposite side, as in the Figure. While holding both ends, add the following strip of paper.

stapling of yellow paper

Connect all together with a stapler.


Paper Heart Chain

The chain will be colorful if for each heart you use a tape of another color

Further, the process is repeated. Again, pull back the free ends, add a new strip of paper and staple it all together. Repeat this procedure until you get the desired chain length.

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