Pallete of a CD

08/01/2017 Plastic , Recycling 695 Views

Kids love to draw and paint something. Most commonly they use tempera, which are due to its characteristics very suitable. Every artist, of course, has to have a painting palette, including little artists. If you do not have one at hand, do not worry. You can make it in a few moments. Children will be delighted

Step 1

CD and plastic caps

You can make artistic supplies for small artists in a few moments. All you need is a couple of plastic caps and one CD.

Step 2

Application of glue on the plastic cap

Apply a little glue on the plastic cap. Use some glue for plastics. You can also use hot glue.

Step 3

Gluing plastic caps on a CD

Then glue plastic caps on the CD. Paste all the cups in a circle on the CD.

Step 4


And that’s it. Done in a minute! You can use plastic cups of different sizes or colors. This way, palette becomes more colorful and interesting.

Step 5

colors on a palette

Place different tempera paint in each of the plastic caps. Brushes in hands and little artists can begin to make great works of art.

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