Octopus Toilet Paper Roll

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Making Octopus Toilet Paper Rolls one of the simple, creative and interesting projects. For a few moments, you and your children can create a toy Octopus. Children will found interesting creating this toy as much as playing with it later.

Step 1

Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Rollis a practical material for making various decorations and toys. It’s free and you can collect a large number of it. You only need one piece to makeOctopus Toilet Paper Roll.

Step 2

Cutting ofToilet Paper Roll

Tentacles go up to half the length of the roll

When you think of an octopus first thing that comes to mind are enormous tentacles. We will make them first by cutting a roll cut in several places with scissors. The cut should go up to half the length of the cardboard roll.

Step 3

bending Toilet Paper Roll

Bend cut cardboard strips at 90 degrees to the roll to make tentacles of an octopus

Step 4

coloring ofToilet Paper Roll

Paint the octopus with any acrylic paint you like

No octopus is in the color of a cardboard, so paint it. Use acrylic paint because it does not remain on your hands after drying. You can dye an octopus in any color. Some octopuses are even multicolored.

Step 5

Gluing plastic eyes

You can draw their eyes or make them from collage paper

When the paint is dry, glue the plastic eyes on the octopus. You can also draw their eyes or make them from a colored paper.

Step 6

drawing mouth with a marker

Draw a big smile on an octopus

Draw a mouth with a big smile with a marker. It’s a good octopus who loves to play with children.

Step 7

Making confetti of colored paper

You can use color or some stickers for dots

Octopuses are known for having limpets on tentacles. We will make them by sticking confetti of colored paper.


Step 8

Octopus Toilet Paper Roll

Game can begin

And that’s it! A toy Octopus Toilet Paper Roll is made very quickly, so you can create more pieces and paint them in different colors. The game can begin.

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