New Year’s Eve Balls

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Children are looking forward to decorating the New Year`s tree. Double satisfaction is when they are making ornaments themselves. New Year’s Eve balls can be made easily from recycled materials.

Step 1

toilet roll tube

Toilet roll tube is suitable for making various things. The thing that is often thrown can be used in many creative ways. Here, we will show you how to recycle this thing and make New Year’s balls out of it.


Step 2

Three rings out of a toilet roll tube

Cut a toilet roll tube into pieces about 1 cm in width. You’ll get a few hoops of cardboard. You will need 3 such cardboard hoops to make a New Year’s Eve ball.

Step 3

Sticking a blue tape on the cardboard hoop

Before you assemble the ball, you need to decorate the hoops. The easiest way is to paint them with acrylic or tempera paints. You can glue some sequins on them, or, as in our case, paste colorful masking tape.

Step 4

Cutting a hoop out of cardboard

Cut excess of the cardboard hoop, if any.

Step 5

Crossed colorful hoops made of cardboard

Cross the hoops as illustrated.

Step 6

Drilling of cardboard hoops

To lock the hoops in this position, drill the cardboard in places where hoops intersect. Through these holes, pass the thread and tie a noose with which to hang the ball on New Year’s tree.

Step 7

New Year`s Eve ball

And that’s it. You can make a large number of these New Year’s balls very easily and quickly so that they can decorate even a large Christmas tree. Try it, kids will enjoy.

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