Make a rainbow out of paper

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You should play with the children as often as possible and make interesting and creative things with them. In this way, you will enjoy, and children, in addition to developing unique skills, will gain unforgettable moments spent with parents or grandparents.You noticed that kids love colorful things. When such things are in question, rainbows are unavoidable. Here’s how you can make a rainbow out of paper.

Step 1

Colorful paper

Rainbows, of course, consist of different colors. When you create a rainbow out of paper, you need a paper in different colors.

Step 2

Strips of colorful paper

strips in the width of 2.5cm

Along the larger edge of the paper cut strips width of 2.5 cm. Shorten them so that each is shorter than the previous one. Do not shorten the red strip. The Orange strip will be shorter than the red one by 2.5 cm. Next, yellow will be shorter by 2.5 cm than the orange one and 5 cm than the red one and so on.

Step 3

bonding strips of colorful paper

Align the ends of all strips and fix them with a stapler.

Step 4

bonding strips of colorful paper

After the merger, strips will form the arches

Then align the opposite ends of the straps and fix them with a stapler. Since the strips are different lengths, they will form the arches, just like the rainbow.

Step 5

applying hot glue on cotton wool

make clouds out of cotton wool

Of course, the rainbow appears with rain, and where is rain, there are clouds. We will make clouds for this rainbow of from cotton wool. Shape small balls of cotton wool and apply hot glue on each.

Step 6

rainbow out of paper

Then glue cotton balls on the ends of the rainbow. And that’s it.

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