Learning addition using clips

16/06/2016 Numbers , Wood 531 Views

Learning math arithmetic operations is not an easy job. They are the foundations of mathematics itself, and therefore it is very important that they are learned and understood. Here’s a simple help for children to embrace mathematics¬† spontaneously through play and competition.

Wooden tile on which there are written signs plus and equal

The other arithmetic operations can be on a tile

For this idea, you have to have a few simple things. Firstly, you will need a thin wooden tile. You can use an ice cream stick or something similar. On a stick, you will write a sign plus and equal as illustrated. If you have more wooden tiles, write to each a different arithmetic sign, such as subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Writing the number 5 with a green marker on a wooden clip

Instead of numbers, you can use letters

The next thing to do is to write a number on each clip. All such prepared clips put in a cloth bag.

Wooden tile with three wooden clips for learning

Play and learning can begin. Give a child a task and it will look for an answer from the available clips. Children can give tasks to each other and compete who has correct answers. It is possible to set up an equation and then take one of the clips, the goal is to find the missing number … The possibilities are endless.

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