We learn weather conditions

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When a child is small, he has to learn many things that “imply” such are weather conditions. Help him to learn through the game what rainy weather, sunny, cloudy…is

Step 1

Drawing a cross on a plate

Divide a plate in four parts with a marker

To place all kinds of weather conditions in one place, the basis, you will need a paper plate. The diameter of the plate is not important. With the help of markers and a ruler, draw a cross in the middle of the plate such that it divides it into four equal parts.

Step 2

Nekoliko odštampanih simbola sunca i oblaka

you can draw the sun and the clouds

Next thing you need are the symbols of sun and clouds. You can, like us, take black-and-white symbols from the Internet and print them on colored paper. Print the clouds on the blue and white paper and the sun on a yellow paper.

Step 3

Gluing the symbol of clouds at a paper plate

First, teach them about the rainy weather. In one-quarter, you set, stick the blue cloud

Step 4

Applying hot glue on a paper plate

We made rain with hot glue. Apply a few drops of hot glue under the clouds that you previously pasted.

Step 5

Paper plate

As hot glue cools, turn the plate to stand vertically. Thus the droplet of hot glue will slowly slide down the paper plate and form the shape of raindrops.

Step 6

Gluing cotton wool on a paper plate

Cotton wool for cloudy weather

Proceed. In the next quarter, glue the symbol of the sun for sunny weather, a piece of cotton wool will serve to present the cloudy weather in the next quarter…

Step 7

weather conditions on a paper plate

Styrofoam balls represent the snow

And finally, with the help of a few Styrofoam balls we will present snow.

Step 8

Writing on a paper plate

In each quarter, write names for certain weather conditions. This can be used by children who are learning to read and write.

Step 9

arrow of red paper

In order for everything to become a game, make a pointer. Cut out an arrow from the red paper.

Step 10

Red arrow glued on a wooden clothespin

And glue it on a wooden clothespin.

Step 11

We learn weather conditions

You can paste the plate for learning the weather conditions to the window. Tell a child to look out the window every morning and then click the arrow on the plate to indicate what the weather is outside. These weather conditions on the plate may also be useful for children who are learning English. Throughout the game, they can learn the names of the English weather conditions. Of course, this principle can be used for other terms too.

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