Ladybugs of walnuts

24/09/2017 Acrylic paint , Recycling 179 Views

There are many materials in nature from which you can make interesting toys for children. See how you can make beautiful and cute ladybugs in a simple way from a shell of a walnut.

Step 1

two walnuts

This is one of those projects you can do in a minute, and for which you need only a few things. Get a couple of walnuts, depending on how many ladybugs you want to make.

Step 2

opening a walnut with the help of a knife

Open the fruit of the walnut carefully with the knife, so the halves of a shell remained full.

Step 3

shell of a walnut

After the children eat the delicious core of the walnut, clean the inside of the shell, as shown in the picture.

Step 4

painting a shell of a walnut

We all know how ladybug looks like. She has red wings, so we will paint one half of the shell with red acrylic paint.

Step 5

painting a shell of a walnut

After the red color dries, we will draw the wings of the ladybug. Longitudinally, pull the black line through the middle of the shell. It separates the wings of the ladybug.

Step 6

painting a shell of a walnut

You will draw the head of the ladybug as a semicircle at one end of the shell.

Step 7

painting a shell of a walnut

And finally, what make all ladybugs so special are dots. Draw few black dots on both wings.

Step 8

ladybug of walnut

The ladybug of walnut is ready. You can easily make a lot of ladybugs. The smallest children can participate in this project so make sure to include them. It will be very interesting for them to paint and they will feel happy to help you.

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