Hyacinth of crepe paper

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To enjoy the appearance of hyacinth, you do not have to wait for the spring. Your kids can make hyacinths of crepe paper in which you can enjoy throughout the year.

Step 1

Crepe paper and a wooden stick

For colorful flowers use crepe paper of different colors

To create hyacinths of crepe paper, of course you need a crepe paper. For the multicolored flowers of hyacinth, use crepe paper of different colors. In addition, you need one wooden stick for each flower.

Step 2

Roll of crepe paper

Cut the roll of crepe paper, to get the bundle width of about 5cm.

Step 3

Cutting a roll of crepe paper

Do not cut the roll till the end

Make tassels on crepe paper with scissors. When cutting, make sure that you do not cut the entire width of the paper, stop at about 1-2 cm from the edge. If you find it difficult to hold the bundle of crepe paper you can use a holder such as clothes or something similar.

Step 4

Making rolls of crepe paper

Hyacinth is known for its rampant curves. Thus, this paper should have them. You’ll make them by rolling each of the tassels around a wooden stick. When you pull out the wand,  the rolled tops of tassels will remain.

Step 5

Applying glue on crepe paper

For gluing a plain white adhesive for paper is enough

In this way, you will get a strip of crepe paper that is flat on one side and on the other has a number of interesting rolls. Apply glue on a flat part of a strip.

Step 6

Winding of crepe paper around a wooden stick

Finally, to get the hyacinth of crepe paper it is necessary to roll previously prepared strip around a wooden stick shown in Figure.

Step 7

Hyacinth of crepe paper

Hyacinth of crepe paper

In this way, you should cover the most of the stick with a crepe paper and that’s it. Children can make a number of hyacinths of crepe paper that you can put in the vase. Besides being very interesting to make, these flowers are very decorative and can be used as decorations on various parties and the like.

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