Hunting with paint

18/06/2017 Crayon , Paper , Watercolor 209 Views

When the child is bored, take him on a hunt for hidden pictures with the help of colour.

Step 1


For hunting thumbnails, you will, of course, need thumbnails. You can draw them yourself or use ready-made clipart as we did.

Step 2

two white papers

Over the paper with thumbnails set the other white paper

Step 3

Writing with wax crayons

To draw the contours use wax crayons

Now, using white or grey crayons, map the contours of the thumbnails on pure white paper. In this way, you end up preparing for this interesting game.

Step 4

painting with watercolours

For revealing thumbnails use watercolour

All that kid needs to do is to paint the paper with watercolours. The paper will stain, and lines that you draw with crayons will not.

Step 5

Hunting with paint

For each image, a child can use a different colour. If you have several children, you can organize a little competition. The winner is the one who discovers all of the thumbnails on the paper.

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