Hot glue and tin foil art

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Hot glue and tin foil art is an interesting technique to make amazing pictures.Since you can easily create images in this way, your kids can make a real small exhibition.

Step 1


You need a child’s drawing

The first step in this technique, as in all painting techniques, is to determine what will be the motif in the picture. It is best to let the children draw something on the cardboard, but nothing complicated, without details, only large shapes; or you can print an already existing motif, as in our case.

Step 2

applying glue on a cardboard

You can transfer the image to a cardboard with an indigo

The image you have selected can be mapped to a piece of cardboard in various ways. We simply decided to paste a picture on the cardboard with the help of paper glue.

Step 3


Image size is arbitrary

The cardboard is 12×12 cm. Of course, the size is arbitrary.

Step 4

applying hot glue on a cardboard

Draw the lines using hot-glue over your drawing. You need to apply hot glue on all image lines. For this reason, it is important that the drawing is not too complicated or with much detail.

Step 5

Hot-glue on a cardboard in the form of smiley

Put the drawing in the fridge so that the hot glue cools faster

Leave the hot-glue to cool and harden. You can shorten this time if you put the artwork briefly in the fridge.

Step 6

mixing glue for wood with water

This was the hardest part of the job. Now it is necessary to stick aluminum foil over the cardboard and hot-glue. You can use any glue. We dissolved the glue for wood in a little water.

Step 7

applying glue for wood on a cardboard

Thus, with this glue, we smeared the cardboard and contours of the hot-glue on it.

Step 8

Gluing aluminum foil on cardboard

aluminum foil is formed by a cotton cloth

Then cover everything with a piece of aluminum foil and use a soft cotton cloth to squeeze and mold the foil on a relief made from hot glue. Move from the middle to the ends.

Step 9

Aluminum foils design

To get fine details, use swabs to precisely shape the foil. Be patient and careful because the foil is pretty brittle and easy to split. Finally, fold the excess foil over the edge of the cardboard on the back.

Step 10

Painting aluminum foil with shoe polish

To accentuate the details you can use markers or paint that writes on the foil. We used a shoe cream that we applied on a foil with a soft cotton cloth. Wait a few moments to make the cream dry a little; then wipe the excess cream with a cloth.

Step 11

hot glue and tin foil art

And that`s it!You just got an interesting picture in an easy way. You can use this technique to make children’s drawings into serious works that will be framed and hung on the wall.

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