Homemade Spectroscope

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You do not have to wait for the rain to see a rainbow. White, daylight consists of sorts of lights in different colors. Create your own spectroscope of a few simple parts that you must certainly have in the house and watch long.

Step 1

towel roll

It is a very simple project. You will need one regular cardboard roll of the paper kitchen towel and one CD. You should always involve children in making toys, even the smallest ones. You can give them to decorate a cardboard roll with watercolors and collage paper. If you decide to decorate Spectroscope, do it now at the beginning.

Step 2

towel roll and combination square

When the paint on cardboard roll dries, with the help of combination square, draw a line on the roll at 45 degrees, as shown below. Slice a roll on that line but not all the way. The goal is not to cut the roll.

Step 3

towel roll and CD

Glossy part of the disc should be oriented towards the longer end of the roll

In the cut, you made, set the CD so the glossy part is oriented toward the longer end of the roll. The cut should be deep enough to squeeze the part of the CD containing the data. This is an important part of observing the rainbow.

Step 4

towel roll and CD

Drag three lines, as shown below. The upper line indicates the point at which the edge of the cardboard roll and CD are connected, and a bottom edge indicates the end of the CD, which is located in the roll. Between these two lines drag the third one in parallel with these two. At the place of the center line, as opposed to CD, drill a small hole in the cardboard roll. Through this hole, you will watch the rainbow.

Step 5

Gluing CD on atowel roll

Narrow the opening with the help of self-adhesive tape

All that is left is to fix the CD to the cardboard roll with the help of hot glue.

Step 6

towel roll plastered with self-adhesive tape

Narrow the opening of the cardboard roll with the help of self-adhesive tape

Step 7

Homemade Spectroscope

Use Spectroscope with other light sources too

How to use theSpectroscope? Start by going out and direct the Spectroscope towards the sky (not directly at the sun). Peek through the hole you drilled in the cardboard roll and you will see a rainbow inside. Use Spectroscope with other light sources such as Neon Tetra, candles and the like, what are the conclusions?

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