Hedgehog of a paper plate

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Hedgehog of a paper plate is a project in which young children can also participate. Cute hedgehog is made in a few steps. Kids will paint it as they wish. Making these hedgehogs in kindergarten can be a good introduction to the story on these strange critters. Children can learn while having fun things like what kind of animal this is, where it lives, what it eats and alike.

Step 1

Paper plate folded in half

For a start, you will need one paper plate.Diameter of the plate is not important. Fold it in half.

Step 2

Gluing of paper plate

the edges of the plate must remain loose

Apply glue only in the central part of the paper so that two halves of the paper is glued together but that the edges of the plate remain free.

Step 3

Drawing on paper plate

Now, draw some lines with the help of the marker that will representthe future muzzle of the hedgehog.

Step 4

Cutting paper plate

Make “spikes” by incising the plate

Cut the paper plate with scissors by the lines you draw. Hedgehog is well-known by his spikes with which he defends himself from the enemy. You can make “spikes” by cutting the edge of the plate as on the picture.

Step 5

Painting of the paper plate

leave the painting to children

At the end, all you need to do is to paint. You can leave this job to small kids. They will finish this interesting toy with joy.

Step 6

Hedgehog of a paper plate

Hedgehog of a paper plate

And that`s it. Young children who have not had the opportunity to see a hedgehog will be curious; they will ask you what is the hedgehog and probably a lot of other questions. Take advantage of this curiosity and answer these questions. Learning through the game is the best form of learning.

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