Heartfelt Greetings

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For Mother’s Day, birthdays or other events greeting cards are made and donated. If you like someone, they will be delighted when you give them this card.

Step 1

Paper folded in half

Fold the paper in half

Heartfelt Greetings can be any size. We took A4 paper and folded it in half. We used colour paper, but you can repaint the greeting later.

Step 2

Drawing the outline of the hand

Draw the outline of the hand

Then the child put the hand over the paper so that the index finger and thumb are on the folded side of the paper. And it is important that the tip of the index finger and thumb are slightly over the edge of the paper. When you have all this nicely set up, with the help of a pen transfer the contours of the hand on the paper.

Step 3

The outline of the hand

Cut the paper along the lines

Roughly, you should get the form of children’s hand on the paper so that the thumb and index finger slightly exceed the folded edge of the paper, as shown. Cut the paper by dotted lines.

Step 4

Heartfelt Greetings

Write a text

Finally, spread the folded paper. Since the index finger and thumb slightly exceed the edge of the paper, you now have two hands connected in the place of the thumb and forefinger which form a heart. It is a very interesting gift for Mother’s Day that children can make themselves. On the palm write the text with best wishes. If children were making these greetings year after year, mothers will surely keep it because they will always be able to see how little hands grow from year to year.

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