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Paper Masheis an easy and inexpensive technique with which you can actually model things in 3 dimensions. On site we have found an excellent idea for application of this technique. We decided to make a real globe of paper and a few more interesting things.

Step 1

Toilet paper, glue for wood and balloon

For this interesting project of making the globe, you will need a few little things: one roll of toilet paper, glue for wood and a balloon.

Step 2

inflated balloon

Inflate balloon to the size of the future globe and, with the help of sticky tape, fasten it to a stand. In our case it is a glass container.

Step 3

Tearing toilet paper

Instead of toilet paper you can use newspaper

The next thing to do is to provide the material for making the globe. We decided for the toilet paper, but you can use an ordinary newspaper also. Toilet paper is soft and is much easier to formulate it so the choice fell on him. All you have to do is to tear toilet paper into strips. Do not cut it with scissors because the sharp edges will be seen on the globe.

Step 4

pouring glue for wood into the water

For glue you can also use a mixture of flour and water

Next thing is the glue. We used glue for wood which we diluted with water. You can also use a mixture of flour and water in a ratio of 1: 2. Why did we decide to use glue for wood? An object that you create will be much stronger if you use glue for wood in comparison to one made of flour and water. If you use glue for wood, be sure to use one that is diluted with water. The glue that is waterproof is not suitable.

Step 5

Coating the balloon with glue for wood

And now the procedure: first, apply some diluted glue on paper…

Step 6

Sticking toilet paper on balloon

Then stick the strip of toilet paper, and then soak the paper with a brush so that it fully adheres to the balloon and attain its shape. Also, with the help of a brush, remove all the creases of paper. Soft toilet paper when wetted takes on any shape. So this is why a technique Paper Mashe is ideal for projects where you need to create a three-dimensional shape.

Step 7

Sticking toilet paper on balloon

When you have covered the entire surface of the balloon with strips of toilet paper, apply a second coat in the same way. Try to achieve that layers are more crisscrossed. How many layers? It depends on the thickness you want to achieve. Usually, 5-10 layers are more than enough. If you make the thicker walls of the globe you may have to work in stages. Apply several coats and leave it to dry, and then repeat the process. Drying usually takes 24 hours or more depending on the thickness.

Step 8

a map

Once the ball is completely dry you should draw what makes a globe – the continents. If you are not skilled with drawing find on the internet pictures of continents, print them on paper and cut them out. Then put them on the ball, and draw the contours of continents on it.

Step 9

a map

It should look something like this. Do not worry if the situation is not completely faithful, but this is just a game. Of course, you can create a globe of a fictional planet, it might be the best if you let the children draw it, and they will come up with something.

Step 10

Painting a globe

The yellow color for the desert, and the green for the wooded areas

In the end, of course, comes painting. Use the yellow to paint desert areas and green for other areas. This is an opportunity for you to explain to kids what is continent, of which they are made, where you live, and that some areas on the planet are dry and therefore yellow, and some are abundant and therefore green. Explain to them that the planet is green in places where there are a lot of plants, forests and these are precisely the places where there is plenty of water, etc.

Step 11

painting the globe

The blue color for the oceans

And of course, what makes our planet called the blue planet, the oceans. It is instructive for the child to see that there is much less land than the sea, you can explain to your child why the oceans are blue and the like. Creating a globe can be very fun but also educational.

Step 12

Drilling the balloon

When the paint dries well, remove the container, which served as a carrier and pierce the balloon.

Step 13

Cutting the globe

Process the edges with a scalpel

Step 14

gluing of globe with hot glue

Use a wooden tile for a stand

And with the help of hot glue stick the globe on a carrier. The carrier can be a cardboard mat or wooden tile.

Step 15


And that`s it. You have made your own globe. You will be surprised to know that the first globes were made with Paper Mache technique.

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