Fridge magnets from clay

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The fridge magnets are not only useful but also look nice on the sides of the fridge. We usually buy them as souvenirs when we travel somewhere or someone gives it to us. Imagine making them yourself. See how easy it is done with clay.

Step 1


Use the plastic candy pads for the mold

You can easily mold anything from clay. However, if you are not so skilled with sculpting use a mold. Delicious chocolate candies are usually packed in a plastic that has the shape of the chocolate itself. These plastics are perfect as molds for making our fridge magnets.

Step 2

ball of clay

Make a ball of clay large enough to completely fill the volume of the mold. If your clay is clinging to your fingers, moisten them with water. Otherwise, you can get clay in school equipment stores or in specialized paint shops.

Step 3

Pressing the clay into the mold

Press the clay well to throw out all the air

Push the ball of clay well into the mold so that it fills all the space. The final appearance of the fridge magnet will depend on this.

Step 4


You can also use a magnet in the shape of a tape

Finally, the fridge magnet would not be what it is without a magnet. The size of the magnet will depend on the size of the mold you are using. In our case, the magnet in diameter has only a few millimeters as the mold is the size of the button.

Step 5

Clay in a mold with a magnet

The last step is to imprint the magnet into the clay so that it is leveled with the surface or is sticking a bit above the clay surface. In any case, when the clay is dried, the magnet must have contact with the side of the refrigerator. Leave the clay to dry for 24 hours and then remove your magnets from the mold.

Step 6

painting magnets for the fridge

Paint magnets with acrylic paint

Finally, magnets can also be painted with acrylic paint of your choice. You’ll notice that some of our magnets have cracked. The reason for this is too much water. Hence, hands should only be moistened while forming the clay and not too wet. In a short time, you can make a lot of magnets for the fridge. They are useful in the house but also as a very nice and original gift.

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