Fish of paper

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On the website we found a very interesting idea of how you can make a fish out of paper. These interesting fish are ideal for decorating children’s performances or birthday parties.

Step 1

two pink papers

Use colored paper

To make a fish of paper you need two sheets of A4 paper. Of course, the paper may be larger or smaller. Color of the paper is also arbitrary

Step 2

Folding a pink paper

Fold the paper lengthwise in half…

Step 3

Folding a pink paper

And then fold it in half again…

Step 4

Folding a pink paper

And do it until you get the paper width 2cm.

Step 5

folded paper

Now unwind the paper as shown. In places where the paper was bent, re-bent it again.

Step 6

folded paper

… but this time bend your paper in the form of an accordion. Do this with both papers as shown.

Step 7

bent paper attached by a clip

Lean both papers to each other and connect them in the middle with a stapler.

Step 8

gluing of paper

Glue all the free edges to get a circle. In this way, you will get a body of a fish.

Step 9

Triangle of blue paper

To make the tail, cut a triangle from paper of another color and glue it on the body of the fish.

Step 10

fish of paper

Decorate the paper fish with glitter, confetti and the like

For the end, make the eye out of colored paper and that’s it. Given that these decorations can be made easily and quickly, make more pieces in a short time. Experiment, use two different colors of paper, and decorate fish with painting, glitter, and colored paper.

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