Fan of paper plate

03/09/2017 Acrylic paint , Cardboard , Recycling , Wood 194 Views

Summer is known for high temperatures. It can be very hard for children because of that. Suggest them to make a fan which they can use to cool themselves.

Step 1

paper plate and 2 tongue depressors

For this simple fan it is necessary to get one cardboard plate and two tongue depressors.

Step 2

cutting paper plate

First, cut cardboard in the middle, so you can get two equal parts. Takes only one half of plate

Step 3

Painting paper plate with red color.

The next thing is decorating.  All fans are colorful and lovely decorated, so this one must be like that too. Children will know how to make them and will enjoy it. We used acrylics to paint one half of plate in red, and then we draw black branch with white flowers on the edge of plate.

Step 4

Paintingtongue depressors in green

Tongue depressors will serve as a stick for a fan, so you must paint them too. We have chosen green color.

Step 5

Joining two greentongue depressors

When you finished painting, and after the paint is well dried, it is time to make a fan. You will do it easily. First, with the help of thermal glue, connect two tongue depressors at right angle as in the picture. In this way, you have formed a fuse holder.

Step 6

A fun of paper plate

Finally, with the help of hot-glue, connect the holder and a fan of the plate. And that is that. Summer and heat can come.

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