The development of motor skills

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The development of motor skills in young children is extremely important. There are a lot of prescribed exercises or expensive tools for this purpose. See how you can develop motor skills through play by freely using items that you already have.

Step 1

All you need for this activity for the development of motor skills is a limpet used in bathtubs against slipping. Usually, they come in attractive shapes and colours and will be interesting to very young children.

Step 2

Turn it the other way so that limpets are upwards. Give your child plastics beads, and explain that it is the task to put every bead in a limpet. Small children will intuitively know what the task is because they will want to put the beads in place. Do not leave children unattended because these beads are small and it is possible that the child will want to put them in the mouth.

Step 3

These are simple motor exercises that train your kids` little hands in more ways. First, catching beads that are not too large, coordination of hands and vision in order to hit a certain place and of course, fixing the beads in a certain place. Setting new beads while taking care not to move the previously set ones etc.

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