Decoration of Toilet Paper Roll

17/05/2017 Acrylic paint , Cardboard , Recycling 1090 Views

On the site we used many times already a Toilet Paper Roll as a material for making different interesting things. Now, we will show you how to make an interesting decoration out of this recycled material.

Step 1

Toilet Paper Roll

We used three cardboard rolls for our project

For making a decoration out of Toilet Paper Roll you will need several rolls. A number is not defined and it depends of the size of the decoration you want to create. We took three rolls.

Step 2

flatten Toilet Paper Roll

First of all- flatten the rolls as shown on the figure.

Step 3

cutting Toilet Paper Roll

And then cut each roll in half…

Step 4

cutting Toilet Paper Roll

… And then cut the halves again in half

Step 5

cut Toilet Paper Roll

In this way, you will get four rings out of each roll. These are the components that will make the decoration.

Step 6

decoration of Toilet Paper Roll

At this stage, you can already sort rings to make the decor that you envisioned. In our case, we imagined a flower with five petals and a few leaves on the side.

Step 7

painting a Toilet Paper Roll

Paint the elements with acrylic paint

In order to become a flower, the card should get the colors. With the help of acrylic colors, we painted cardboard rings. The petals of the flower are blue and red, and the leaves are, of course, green.

Step 8

gluing with hot glue

Join all the elements using hot glue

All that remains is to connect cardboard rings with each other. With the help of hot glue or any other adhesive for paper, connect all the elements of the decoration.

Step 9

decoration of Toilet Paper Roll

In the end, you get interesting decoration of Toilet Paper Roll. You can set it on a table or hang it on the wall.

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