Clothespin race car craft for kids

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These race cars are made from the simple things you have in the house. You can easily make more pieces and organize races. Children will enjoy making these cars as well as in the race itself.

Step 1

clothespin, straw, wooden stick and 4 buttons

clothespin, straw, wooden stick and 4 buttons

With a few common things you have in the house, you can make these interesting race cars. All you need is a straw, a wooden stick, a clothespin and four buttons.

Step 2

two straws and two wooden sticks

Make an axle from a wooden stick (used to make a barbecue). Cut two parts of about 4 cm long. Cut the straw into two parts 2-3 cm long.

Step 3

A wooden stick glued to the button

Start composing your car from a wheel. Using a hot glue, stick a wooden stick into the center of the button

Step 4

Axle of a car made of wooden sticks and buttons

Then slide the straw onto the stick, and then slide the other button, that is the wheel to the other end. So you got a car axle. You need to make two such axles.

Step 5

MakingClothespin race car craft

Get one axle into the notch, and then stick the other with hot glue to the other end of the clothespin.

Step 6

PaintingClothespin race car craft

You can use both acrylic paints and tempers for car coloring

In the end, like any car, this one too should be painted with bright colors. Paint the car from the clothespin using different colors markers.

Step 7

Clothespin race car craft for kids

And that`s it! Make more of these cars and the race can begin.

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